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Enter Your CPD for Reaccreditation

Please note that this is not a recording facility for your learning activities - only upload evidence of your CPD credits if you have been advised that you are subject of the AACP's random audit process. As we no longer require submission of CPD evidence, please classify your credits as either group 1, 2 or 3 in the relevant sections.

60 credits are required for reaccreditation with a maximum of 20 Group 1 credits.

Please enter the total credits you are claiming for each group.

Reaccrediting Pharmacist's CPD Declaration: I hereby declare that the information submitted is an accurate account of my CPD activity over the specified time period stated. I also understand that the AACP may require me to submit supporting evidence of my CPD activity and I undertake to provide that evidence, within 10 working days of the request, if required.