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The Stage Two Accreditation Assessment Process – how do I become accredited?

The AACP offers registered pharmacists accreditation for the delivery of Medication Management Reviews (MMRs) to community-based individuals (including veterans) and residents of aged care facilities.

The accreditation process has been designed to identify pharmacists with the required competency to provide a particular professional service to the required level.

Accredited pharmacists are required to reaccredit every year. Information regarding the Reaccreditation process is also included in this section.

The Facts About the Accreditation Process (including remuneration for MMRs)

Stage One (preparatory) Training

A pre-requisite for candidates for accreditation is the completion of a Stage One (preparatory) Course. Although the AACP determines the guidelines for the courses, and approves the provision of the training, we do not provide the courses. Once you have completed the preparatory training, you are then in a position to lodge your application for the AACP's Stage Two Accreditation Assessment process.

Communication Module

Candidates to successfully complete a 12 question MCQ assessment based on the Communication Module (pass mark 75%).

The Clinical MCQ Assessment

This component of the assessment program has been designed to assess your competence in clinical pharmacy, therapeutics, pharmaceutical care and medication review, and will focus on your knowledge of the principles of geriatric medicine, rational and safe pharmacotherapy in the elderly, and the appropriate use and interpretation of laboratory tests. If you have a valid MRN then the sample clinical questions are on the assessment (Moodle) site, click here

The Case Studies

Once you have successfully completed the Clinical MCQ Assessment, the "initial case study" will be made available to you. Upon successful completion of the initial case, the remaining three case studies will be released to you, individually, for completion. Each case study has a completion period of 60 days.

Annual Reaccreditation

Accredited pharmacists commit to career-long learning. Once pharmacists become accredited, they reaccredit annually to demonstrate that they are remaining current with knowledge and practice.

The AACP reaccreditation model is based on a continuum where the tools used for accreditation and reaccreditation are consistent and provide for regular communication between accredited pharmacists and the AACP. For detailed information regarding the reaccreditation process, read the

Frequently Asked Questions

To discuss the Stage Two Accreditation Assessment process, contact the AACP team on (02) 6120 2800 or via aacp@aacp.com.au