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Welcome to the Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy (AACP)

The AACP was established to develop a national approach to the practice of ‘consultant’ pharmacy as an expansion of the professional health role of pharmacy in Australia. The AACP is jointly owned by the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) and The Pharmacy Guild of Australia (the Guild).

The AACP promotes and seeks recognition for the practice of consultant pharmacy and the provision of value-added, professional services in Australia.

The AACP’s primary role is to define and develop new professional or ‘consultant’ services and accredit pharmacists to provide them. These services will range from medication review and management of the frail aged living in residential care or at home, through to specific services provided by community pharmacists (for instance in areas such as asthma, diabetes, wound care, smoking cessation, methadone, etc).

Mission: AACP’s mission is to provide transparent and accountable processes for assessment and accreditation procedures. The main tasks of the AACP are to develop and administer the accreditation procedures for pharmacists wishing to provide professional pharmacy services, and to provide access to the specialised training.

Values: The AACP pursues excellence in:

  • Innovation in identifying and enabling valued accredited professional pharmacy services
  • Effectiveness in transforming ideas into strategies and valued programs
  • Responsiveness to Associates’ product and service needs
  • Collaboration with those responsible for defined areas of pharmacy and other health services
  • Integrity in encouraging the quality of accredited pharmacist services.