AACP Australian Association of Consultant Pharmacy

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Associate Login


AACP has two websites - this website is where associates can access information to assist them with their MMR practice or to find documentation to support them during the stage two assessment process.The other site (Moodle) is where the multiple choice questions and case studies reside.

Username: Your four digit MRN is your username. (If you have a three digit MRN (135) then for this site only you need to place a zero in the front of your MRN (0135). All Associates have an MRN however some other users may be assigned a different username.

Password: Your password needs to be at least eight characters long. One of these characters needs to a capital letter and one other needs to be a lower case letter. Your password can include numbers. It is suggested that you use the same password for both sites.

Each website has a separate password database; so if you change one password then you would be advised to change it on the other site.

Lost/ forgotten password: Click on password forgotten and enter your username (MRN) then click on reset password. An automated email should be in your inbox in less than 5 minutes..

Password doesn't work: If the sent password doesn't work - try typing in the password. (That is don't use the copy and paste function) If you have been unsuccessful after two attempts then contact the IT support pharmacist 0428 032 553

Reset my password: Send an email request to IT support at: kmacaulay@aacp.com.au

Blocked access: Send an email request to IT support at: kmacaulay@aacp.com.au

Can't access the markers comments (feedback online- this section relates to the assessment site): When you have submitted your case study online your access to it is usually timed out until it has been marked. This helps prevent multiple uploads and additional deletions. If you have received an automated email from the assessment site please ignore it and the Accreditation manager will be in touch as soon as your results have been processed.