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AACP MIMS Consultant Pharmacist Award

About the Award

This annual award recognises and celebrates the outstanding contribution by an AACP accredited pharmacist who is making a difference to patient’s lives through the practice of consultant pharmacy.   

The award comprises a unique medallion and a $5,000 travel grant to attend a pharmacy conference of relevance to the practice of consultant pharmacy.

The AACP MIMS Consultant Pharmacist of the Year 2016

AACP MIMS Award winner 2016

Melbourne-based Jenny Gowan is the 2016 AACP MIMS Consultant Pharmacist of the Year. She was presented with her award at ConPharm '16, held in Adelaide from 17 to 19 June.

The award was presented by AACP Chair Grant Kardachi, AACP CEO Grant Martin and Dinah Graham Business Development Manager, Primary Care, MIMS Australia.

Jenny is an experienced accredited pharmacists dedicated to advancing the profession of consultant pharmacy. Her skills and expertise are recognised by fellow pharmacists, general practitioners and policy makers. She has contributed to the improved quality of care for patients and the community in general and continues to promote the profession and the value of medication review services.

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This year’s award is generously sponsored by long time AACP supporter MIMS Australia.

Previous winners of this award:

2015 Joy Gailer (SA) and Dr Shane Jackson (TAS)

2014 Chris Freeman (QLD )

2013 Deidre Criddle (WA)

2012 Sue Edwards (SA)

2011 Paul Hannah (NSW)

2010 Penny Kraemer (NSW) and Peter Tenni (TAS)

2009 Jeff Hughes (WA)

2008 Debbie Rigby (QLD)